BrooksLooks@ The Way the Wind Blows

The Way the Wind Blows

tell me how
to read the signs
the subtle messages
amongst the tea leaves
and between the lines

give me time
to solve each riddle
feel the vibe
of each vague transmittal
including those
i can’t describe

when i listen
help me know
the rising tide
the wind’s direction
life’s ebb and flow

help me thank
distant admirers
for their support
when i’m out of touch
or cross my wires

we press on
against the odds
and try to see
around false facades

i catch a glimpse
have a clue
when the view is clear
only then i’m certain
what’s really true

as the years move on
and our life together
i realize now
what really matters

the winds may blow us
hither and yon
but it’s always you
i count on

© Copyright Brooks Bradbury / BrooksLooks

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