BrooksLooks@ Dying, Revisited

in thinking
about death
and lately, why
man-made things
and life itself
all seem to die

i think it’s best to leave
the dead things dead
to focus on living now
and what might lie ahead

but looking back
at the many ‘bridges’
that provided
us some security
in life’s rear view mirror
we clearly see,
they were all
quite temporary

in the face of death
we may try
to stand our ground
to resuscitate
to hang around
if there’s even a shred
of life left
but we should really leave
dead things dead
focus on living
carry on
if only bereft

what else in our lives
is at a last resort?
what do i behold
just this one time?
i cherish the moments
knowing life is sublime
knowing now that
time is short

i learn to let go
sanctifying the space
knowing something better
will take its place
one of life’s lessons
is to let dead things be
to savor life and each
sweet memory

© Copyright 2020  Brooks Bradbury / BrooksLooks / All Rights Reserved