BrooksLooks@ Colorado City Child

Colorado City Child

born into the maelstrom
where false prophets decreed
illegalities, debauchery
for their self-serving greed

pedophiliac demons enslaved
erased your personality
corrupted your soul
laid waste to your remote community
its beauty fenced, unhealthy, unwhole

Colorado City child!

your life’s moment is at hand
may you have the strength
to rise above
to fully understand
i pray you never settle
that you one day have enough

transcend such so-called religions
banish them from earth
collect your life’s precious pieces
reassemble your boundless worth

until then your mothers know
the price already paid
for lives on hold way too long
for stolen moments, for joy delayed

false leaders rightly arraigned
incarcerated and chained
Celebrate your new salvation!
a Creeker’s transformation

long may you fly
may your tears sanctify
their every wrong
their every lie

© Copyright 2019 Brooks Bradbury / BrooksLooks