BrooksLooks@ Goodbye Neckties

Goodbye Ties

brought 200 neckties
to the thrift shop today
secreted in plastic bags, they never knew
happily accepting them anyway

we had carted them all over the country
in some strange hoarding way
in a KonMari final test
how unburdened and unrestrained i feel today

it wasn’t like i was going back
to the days of decorum for management
but what if i was forced against my will?
back to the eastern establishment

big and bright, pretty wide you might say
long since out of style
but i was sure they’d be back ‘in’ one day
if only we kept them for a while

they were knots and cravats, bows and reps
my wife would have made a quilt
how relieved i was to leave them stealthily there
without an ounce of guilt

these western ways have soothed my soul
far beyond ties–to wild rag and western hat
never going back to neckties, that’s my goal
prit’ near had enough of that

OK Marie Kondo! Yes! I confess!

i kept a suit or two that ‘bring me joy’
(plus 1 or 2 ties i smartly matched, with pride )
for funerals and weddings you know
except for this, ties and me–we’re now untied

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