BrooksLooks@ January 1919


January 1919

There’s a bit of bacon in the teeth
And the mud is squelchin’ soft beneath
A pullin’ out of Couddes in the rain.
The same stone street in the same damn way
With the same dead drill to do today,
A hikin’ outer Couddes in the rain.

It’s light packs, helmets and gas masks too,
With a drinkin’ Sarge to drive each of us through;
Soldierin’ outside Couddes in the rain
I’d give my shirt for a decent smoke,
I’m tired and I’m stinkin’, wet and broke,
A drillin’ outside Couddes in the rain.

There’s slum to-night and my feet are sore,
Why ain’t I gettin’ my mail no more?
Squad’s eastin’ beyond Couddes in the rain;
The poplar’s black agin the sky,
The Skipper’s cursin’. God knows why
I’m pluggin’ outside Couddes in the rain.

A long hike home when the day is done,
The mist may lift and we’ll see the sun,
A comin’ back to Couddes in the rain,
I’ll bum a bottle of rhum to-nite,
And a little brunette to treat me right,
A comin’ out of Couddes in the rain.

© Copyright 1921 Brooks Bradbury

[ Coudes is a commune in the Puy‑de‑Dôme department in Auvergne in central France. My grandfather, Brooks Bradbury, wrote this poem while stationed there during World War I.]

BrooksLooks@ Precious You

Precious You

beneath neon skis
of powder blue
precious you

two lifetimes yet
days too few
precious you

on darkest days
a beautiful view
precious you

fireflies dance
in evening’s dew
precious you

a crooked road
a waltz for two
precious you

through it all
i stand by you
precious you

© Copyright 2015 Brooks Bradbury

BrooksLooks@ Red Quinoa

Red Quinoa

i could live without quinoa
i try to be gluten-free
but to confess i never eat wheat
is like Ukraine being Putin-free

it’s not that the distant Russians
are involved in my diet at all
once an occasional vodka
or black bread gluten-free-fall

i’d relish a little beluga
savor borscht when it’s good and cold
but the thing is about my diet
gluten-free is getting old

it’s not like those frozen products
are really hitting the spot
what if we discover red quinoa
was really a Russian plot?

so dosvydanya darling
carbs and fructose are my new friends
when I’m as large as the Tsar-kolokol
i’ll be gluten-free again

© Copyright 2015 Brooks Bradbury

BrooksLooks@ Maple Road

maple road briarcliff manor (2) bbMaple Road

there was a home that held all i wanted
a girl, two sons, one very human dog
i wonder if that house is ever haunted
by the great love i gave that catalogue

if a high heat my absent heart still throws there
be fixed and focused by time’s burning glass
a gentle fragrance should forever blow there
and flowers sparkle gaily in the grass

there is no need for flame or warmth of fire
no rosy hearth to cheer or snuggle by
there burns the sum of all my soul’s desire-
it was and is and will be till i die!

(An excerpt from the anthology “Backlash”, published by my grandfather, Brooks Bradbury, Copyright 1982, Southbury, Connecticut. Maple Road, in Pleasantville, New York.)


BrooksLooks@ Dark Matter

Dark Matter

they say this all started
with a rather big bang
fire and rain
begat yin and the yang
millennia passed
leaving plenty of clues
like how we crawled out
of a primordial ooze
we’ve come so far
to get to where we are
as we take another lap
around this old star
where are going?
will we ever arrive?
gravity bound
we live and die
still we fight
for border control
incivility takes a toll
hate for hate’s sake
how much more
can humanity take
religious divisions
deep and dark
as is the rising tyranny
of the oligarch
are we dumb as a box
of asteroid rocks?
after eons of years
dark matter appears
though much of it lies
between two human ears
will we ever find
a way around
the dark matter found
in a dangerous mind?

© Copyright 2017 Brooks Bradbury / BrooksLooks

BrooksLooks@ Green Lights

b858b4ceee59e35c5695fa61ceed8310When All the Lights Turn Green

when the time
is right
and it’s time to go
to seize the day
you finally know
new horizons
to places not seen
as the past
becomes a distant view
when all the lights
turn green
adventure lies
in moving forward
before they change
to caution’s glow
ride the wave,
be brave live on
face life’s
ebb and flow
new horizons
are calling you
to places
you’ve never seen
the past becomes
a distant view
when all the lights
turn green

© Copyright 2015 Brooks Bradbury