BrooksLooks@ Appalachia Rising

Appalachia Rising
Brooks Bradbury

born into uncertainty
none too clear since then
self-reliance separates him from
the beginning of the end

tempered on a blue ridge
he survives on what it gives
shotgun shells and venison
Appalachian man still lives

mocked for no good reason
maligned, misunderstood
Appalachia man laughs back
from pristine southern woods

wild beauty still surrounds him
heir to Cherokee lands
Nature still his wealth and pride
his strength is his two hands

Appalachian Man is rising
a new tide lifts him higher
moonshine and wild ginseng
fuel this raging fire

Appalachia rising,
the day has finally come
there’s more to this than meets the eye
a new day has begun

a time and place thought feral
Appalachian man is rising
ignore this at one’s peril
Appalachia rising
been beat down too damned long
Appalachian Nation rises,
a million people strong