BrooksLooks@ The Way the Wind Blows

The Way the Wind Blows

tell me how
to read the signs
the subtle messages
amongst the tea leaves
and between the lines

give me time
to solve each riddle
feel the vibe
of each vague transmittal
including those
i can’t describe

when i listen
help me know
the rising tide
the wind’s direction
life’s ebb and flow

help me thank
distant admirers
for their support
when i’m out of touch
or cross my wires

we press on
against the odds
and try to see
around false facades

i catch a glimpse
have a clue
when the view is clear
only then i’m certain
what’s really true

as the years move on
and our life together
i realize now
what really matters

the winds may blow us
hither and yon
but it’s always you
i count on

© Copyright Brooks Bradbury / BrooksLooks

BrooksLooks@ Autumn

20171007_175232.jpgINTO THE AUTUMN

a wince too painful
not to notice
sudden stabs
of hidden hurt
presage one’s
reluctant arrival
in middle age
foretelling storms
an upside plus
bones pre-ache
reminding us
like an early warning
signal flare
to live it up
while you’re still there
a final fling
live earnestly and
we implore each other
and we allow
our time grows short
even now
hold onto me
the best is coming
yet to be
i hope
one day we will see
through autumn’s
we live forward
in a season new
life’s expectancy
comes into view
we’ll warm our hands
at life’s sweet fire
through autumn leaves
of red and gold
we’ll dance
and laugh
at getting old

© Copyright 2014 Brooks Bradbury, BROOKS LOOKS

BrooksLooks@ Linger Here

Linger Here

linger here
in this moment
in this place
meant for you
a sacred space

a micro gift
for you alone
for your soul
a sunlit ray
for you in time
here only now
along your way

fleeting moment
gone forever
if you miss it
you’ll not know
the very instant
joy presented
love and life
here all aglow

be ever ready
for little moments
that come along
arise to be
for life is seeking
your full attention
and little moments
will set you free

© COPYRIGHT 2014 Brooks Bradbury, BROOKS LOOKS

BrooksLooks@ Home is Where You Are


home was where my parents were
not exactly a home on the range
the range was where dinner was made
when eating out was rather strange

home since then has moved about
from dorm to apartment to room
it didn’t seem to matter back then
until life began to bloom

apartment life was a passing phase
before jobs and moving and ‘homes’
after those pesky ‘overdraft’ days
before mortgages, bills, and loans

a career would bring us hither and yon
to one house after another–oh my!
we lived in places we’d never dream up
a place or two we should have passed by…

years went by and Mother moved
retiring south for the winter
her home is in Carolina now
we are sadly seldom together

home passed long ago from mom to spouse
you know how wild life is
houses sometimes resembled homes
but home is where ever my wife is

our latest house is not quite home
but to me it’s crystal clear
my home is with you–it will always be so
whatever the place, whatever the year

time’s gone by and things sure change
never my place with you
now that we’ve live on the open range
eating out’s a lot less strange

my home is you

© COPYRIGHT 2014 Brooks Bradbury ǀ BROOKS LOOKS