BrooksLooks@ A Career in Independent Hospitality

A Career in Independent Hospitality
Brooks Bradbury

1. It will bring you to places and present you with situations you have never imagined.

2. Whatever you give, it will ask even more of you–and challenge you each day.

3. The costs are high, and the rewards are too.

4.  You will come to know amazing people from all walks of life, and you will realize that serving everyone well is your life’s work.

5. You will become very familiar with HVAC, refrigeration, plumbing, electricity, cleaning procedures, laundry chemicals and the world of maintenance while developing an intimate working knowledge of sewers and septic tanks. Your knowledge in these areas will be tested when you have a full house, often on a national holiday.

6. If you’re lucky, you will savor some of the world’s finest foods and beverages.

7. If your staff is happy and respected–you will be too. Make it your personal mission to compassionately help people to get where they are going.

8. At times, you may regret your career choice but you will get over it, realizing that your chosen field is the most dynamic and exciting career path you could have chosen.

9. Networking is your second full-time job. See #10.

10. Remember that hotel owners are like everyone else–they retire, get bored, decide to sell, and die–not necessarily in that order. See #9.

11. As soon as you get comfortable, expect change. Be ready. Be flexible.

12. Your life partner (if you are lucky enough to find one) will be challenged in extraordinary ways by your career choice. 

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BrooksLooks@ Something Gave

Something Gave

red blood
on a white hot sidewalk
officers in blue
an outline in chalk

lost in the cracks
humanity cringes
at the unravelling lives
of souls on the fringes

sanctuary lost
forgotten and hurting
the real human cost

here evil moves in
like an angry flood
a price is paid
in innocent blood

red blood
on a white hot sidewalk
officers in blue
an outline in chalk

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BrooksLooks@ When the Drones flew Over at Night

Drone BB

When the Drones Flew Over at Night

bloodshed flows from countless hearts
in collisions of religious might
techno-precision response unleashed
and the drones flew over at night

human kindness threatened
an epic battle is on the rise
evil’s rampant rage now fully engaged
by madmen in islamic disguise

dressed in their very best suicide vests
believing their way is right
people die and the bombs rain down
and the drones flew over at night

i wonder if we will ever know
at the end of this senseless fight
what the jihadis thought looking up
when the drones flew over at night

© Copyright 2016 Brooks Bradbury / BrooksLooks / All Rights Reserved