BrooksLooks @ Dark Matter

Dark Matter

they say this all started
with a great big bang
fire and rain
yin and the yang

millenia passed
left plenty of clues
like how we crawled out
of a primordial ooze

we’ve come so far
to get to where we are
on another lap
around this old star
where are we headed,
will we ever arrive?
gravity bound
to live and die

still we fight
over border control
incivility takes a tragic toll
hate for hate’s sake
how much more can we take
religious divisions
deep and dark
and the rising tyranny
of the oligarch

are we dumb as a box
of asteroid rocks
after eons of years
dark matter appears
much of it lies
between two human ears

will we ever find
a way around
the dark matter found
in a dangerous mind

© Copyright 2015 Brooks Bradbury / BrooksLooks

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