BrooksLooks@ The Poisoned Well

Brooks Bradbury

deep in the corner
of a mind’s dark room
grows feelings of uncertainty
doom and gloom
blood pressure 
flower’s strain to bloom
ice is melting 
trees are crying
there’s poison in the water 
poison in the womb
the status quo 
is a one-way tomb
god only knows 
and time will tell
take another cup 
it sure tastes swell
we are living in a house 
with a poisoned well
ignoring the road signs 
on the road to hell
as it all comes down 
paths divide
among those who have 
those denied
random shootings 
in the suburbs
in our schools 
and on our streets
indifference brought us hatred
lone wolf shooters 
moral defeats
caught in the middle 
of earth’s rising tide
are really only lies
it’s crystal clear 
in naysayers’ eyes
there’s really no telling 
how far you fell
god only knows 
and time will tell
living in a house 
with a poisoned well
fellow travelers
on the road to hell
have another ladleful 
sure tastes swell
mother nature’s crying 
‘bout her poisoned well
the truth is clear
we’ll receive as we’ve given
it’s overdue now
to change the lives we’re living
the world’s problems lie at our feet
we’ve got trouble in our food, 
trouble on the street
who will save us now?
it’s suddenly much clearer
there he is before us,
the man in the mirror
ride the status quo
at your own risk,
it’s just a one way tomb
poison in the water
poison in the womb
really no telling
how far we fell
god only knows
and time will tell
we’re drinking from our poisoned well
take another cupful
sure tastes swell
enjoy the ride
on the road to hell
getting late
time tolls a time worn bell
have another ladle 
from the poisoned well
try to read the road signs 
on the road to hell
will the lights come on?
is anyone out there?
we’re so far beyond,
does anybody care?
so late to move
off the path we’re on
approaching days of reckoning
we will all stand accused
of nature’s last breath
our earth suffused
is anybody out there?
look in the mirror
we have to drink
in the place we dwell
we put the poison
in our own damn well
it’s all much clearer
we’re the ones 
in the mirror

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