BrooksLooks@ Chapters

life’s many moments
and all of its chapters
written in ledgers and tomes
kept for years
in the rafters
of so many homes

now that it’s late
it’s time to take a few down
to review, reconsider
what’s written
on ancient pages
turned yellowish brown

brushing away dust
in attempt to review
what transpired
back then
about when
and with whom
starting back when
we were brand new

what joy to re-think
all we beheld
moments savored
the places we dwelled
in halcyon days
the souls we’ve known
horizons forever
under our gaze

in re-pondering
our bridges
through oases in time
the treasures in
the pleasures
of places
and sublime

some chapters
could have gone on forever
glad some were a page or two
some a bit tragic
some were pure magic
still the best part
about being out here
is being out here
with you

life’s sweet moments
and all of its chapters
in ledgers and tomes
stored for years
in the rafters
of our many homes

© Copyright 2020 Brooks Bradbury / BrooksLooks

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