BrooksLooks@ Inhospitable


the roadside motel
has gone to hell
storage units with beds
would serve as well

proud old brands that
once defined service
are staffed with people who
make us nervous

bleary eyed
we’re short on smiles
we see the sign
after all those miles

we pull in…
[well yes, we had plenty
but we couldn’t admit…]
“just a room for night,
that would be it.”

“driver’s license
and credit card, room 334,
breakfast’s 6 to 10,
over there by the door”

i grab ahold of a bell cart
like a mule to a plow
push our bags up the ramp
into the elevator, somehow

in the morning
styrofoam greets us…
with fresh powdered eggs
and pork-ish sausage
in gravy dregs

liquefied syrup for coffee
is anything real?
selecting the banana
we drive off
in search of a human
to serve us a meal

© Copyright 2017
Brooks Bradbury / BrooksLooks
All Rights Reserved

One thought on “BrooksLooks@ Inhospitable

  1. I’d rather pull over and nap in the car rather than to encourage those types of accommodations by giving them service.


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