BrooksLooks@ One More Thing

One More Thing

when my time has come
and i fade from view
do what you will
with what’s left of me,
then do what’s best for you

and one more thing…

when i’ve gone–
after my last day
buy plenty of whisky
and find a piper
who’ll play

and if there is any
money left
spend more on the whisky
and no time

scatter my ashes
on a gentle breeze
in the woods
near a brook
or by some trees

take a sip
sit back and breathe
remember how it was,
how we used to be
then carry on
the best you can
here’s to you my friend
last drink’s on me

no religious jargon
nor prayerful words
just humor and jest
and singing birds
it was the life i was given
i did my best
to many too quiet,
out ridin’ fences
distant and odd
in tune with my senses

tho’ our earthly dance
has come to pass
i’ll smile down
(up, as the case may be)
so tip your glass
for a moment or two–
remember me

if you were among
the precious few
precious to me
and i to you,
i leave here
on the wings of your love
with all we shared
i rise above

and one more thing…

to those who think i’ve left
owing some debt
whether of the heart
or financial aid
please take a glass
my account is closed
your bill is paid

and one more thing…

if you still believe that
i owe you somehow
beyond one lifetime
after i’ve come to pass
it will be easier now
that i’m laid out
to bend over
and kiss my ass

© Copyright 2017 Brooks Bradbury / BrooksLooks
All Rights Reserved

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