BrooksLooks@ Mother’s Birthday


mom, the life you gave me

is a little older today

and in those decades now gone by

we’ve both come a long, long way

i’m still the same old person

you raised me up to be

those sacred days of childhood

now die cast in me

your lessons remain most precious

and resonate still today

your unceasing love above it all

helped a son to find his way

from my first taste of wildness

exploring the backyard wood

the joy i found in new frontiers

and knowing that I could

go way out there beyond the fields

and return to a nurturing home

gives me joy yet today

comfort wherever i roam

my heart still full of adventure

across trails trod far and wide

the love you given me since then

a most treasured gift inside

i know i’ve let you down some

even though still unavowed

i hope there were some moments

when you felt really proud

Mom, all these years gone by now

are a tribute to what you’ve done

the sacrifices you made for us

still reflect in the life of your son

when the day arrives and one of us

must tell the other goodbye

a heavenly adventure will unfold

in the tears of an endless cry

© Copyright 2016 Brooks Bradbury / BrooksLooks / All Rights Reserved

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