BrooksLooks @ Alpenglow


new calves play
jumpin’ around
horses graze
in fields of green
columbine bloom
crimson and blue
wildflowers pop up
in between

river flows
too fast to fish
but as the sun comes down
we’ve got our wish
in the alpenglow of evening
each sweet sundown,

farmin’ thrives
and ranchers strive
to make the livin’
their father’s did
a finer home
they’ve never known
lucky to grow up here a kid
as the sun comes down
i’m glad we did
find a home in Colorado
another sweet sundown
of alpenglow

the wild west
is still the best
a perfect match
for wanderlust
and bravado
i think of the old days
now and then
as the sun comes down
i let it go and i rise again
grateful now to
call it home
another sundown,
sweet alpenglow

maybe this is it
and our live’s end here
on these dirt roads
in each passing year
the sun comes down
on this small town
and we’re glad it’s so
sweet alpenglow
in Colorado

here in the mountains
we left it behind
up against
the great divide
saddled and tacked,
ready to ride
got ourselves
a brand new motto
as the sun comes down
we’re livin’ it up
out West
in the sweet alpenglow,
of Colorado

© Copyright 2016 Brooks Bradbury / BrooksLooks / All Rights Reserved20161012_151032


About Brooks Bradbury / BrooksLooks

Words pour forth and end up here. Thanks for visiting, following and for your feedback.
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