BrooksLooks@ A Poet’s Prescription

A Poet’s Prescription

thank you for sharing
these moments with me
for reading words

a poem can convey
what a poet might say
how they think about life
how it all goes
peacefully pondering
it’s ebbs and flows

here in the present
where the real gifts
are received
true presence is ours
if only we
b r e a t h e

the randomness
of our connection
how you wandered by
perhaps seekers
of joy and wisdom
in time, coalesce

if you’re still reading
in search of a clue
i sincerely hope
i’m getting through

if you’re here biding time
you’ll appreciate
the message and
that some of these words
actually rhyme

here is the thing
a poet might say
as each of us
wanders about on our own
learning and
sometimes astray

a few poems
on the way

© COPYRIGHT 2016, Brooks Bradbury / BrooksLooks

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