BrooksLooks @ Common Thread

Common Thread

the greatest gen
came along, and next
begat the boomers
who begat gen x

gen x’ers begat gen y’ers
who in turn begat gen z
then alphas and betas
outliers a mystery to me

every gen thinks it’s better
and the next is never the same
gens never really see eye to eye
in life’s generational game

selfie sticks and sexting pics
and the like are pretty lame
though peace signs, communes
and love-ins were pretty much the same

as long as we keep having new gens
there’s hope for our species ahead
the only common thread seems to be
each gen has been good in bed

© Copyright 2016 Brooks Bradbury / BrooksLooks / All Rights Reserved

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Words pour forth and end up here. Thanks for visiting, following and for your feedback.
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