BrooksLooks@ Red Quinoa

Red Quinoa

i could live without quinoa
i try to be gluten-free
but to confess i never eat wheat
is like Ukraine being Putin-free

it’s not that the distant Russians
are involved in my diet at all
once an occasional vodka
or black bread gluten-free-fall

i’d relish a little beluga
savor borscht when it’s good and cold
but the thing is about my diet
gluten-free is getting old

it’s not like those frozen products
are really hitting the spot
what if we discover red quinoa
was really a Russian plot?

so dosvydanya darling
carbs and fructose are my new friends
when I’m as large as the Tsar-kolokol
i’ll be gluten-free again

© Copyright 2015 Brooks Bradbury

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