About Brooks Bradbury

Thank you for visiting.
These are the written-down perceptions of a person who has arrived here as a result of the love and support of my wife Susan, of family and friends; the lessons learned from so many coaches, colleagues, teammates, mentors and elders; and through service to others– especially the legions of guests I have been privileged to know and serve. We have loved each of the unique communities, friendly neighbors, and the wide-open spaces we have called home.

My career has been one of service to others, both as a student and teacher of graciousness in the field of hospitality. With Susan’s help and guidance every step of the way we have together opened, run, marketed, repositioned, and otherwise wrangled interesting independent luxury hotels, inns, and guest ranches across the country on our own crooked road.

Thank you for checking in now and then, for your support, encouragement, and feedback.

Grateful thanks,

mobile 970.846.4550

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