BrooksLooks @ Uncle Frank’s Fruitcake

Uncle Frank’s fruitcake!
It arrived in the mail today.
Christmas joy has finally come!
oh aromatic loaf of citron,
cherries and nuts
deliciously–the damn thing’s
three-quarters rum!

you see it’s not just any old fruitcake
it’s the ultimate version of same.
They say Uncle Frank’s fruitcake.
He’s baked. In a whole new rum-soaked way

You can tell that loaf is coming
from over a mile away
Uncle Frank’s fruitcake.
Now the UPS truck
smells that way.

i open the box
tear open the foil,
remove cheesecloth,
rubber bands, foil and string
oh to renew my taste buds
on the sweet goodness
Uncle Frank’s fruitcake.
can bring

A slice or two is hardly enough
before i know it
i’ve eaten it all
having to wait
another year more
when Uncle Frank’s fruitcake
arrives at the door

You see, Uncle Frank’s Fruitcake.
from years in the diplomat corp
always seemed like he was having fun
i never realized before
it was all of the rum
see, not all of it
went into the cake
Uncle Frank’s fruitcake.
And boy can he bake!

Now the holidays are finally over
and the fruitcake’s a sweet memory
Uncle Frank’s fruitcake.
will go down in history
and I heard him explain
as his last fruitcake bakes
More rum!
for goodness sakes!

© Copyright 2019 Brooks Bradbury / BrooksLooks

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