BrooksLooks@ Little Lives

Little Lives

no one knows
how any soul
could live
by limiting their own
pushing exhausted
onward strives
life’s survivor alone
let us dream big
out on the edge
and let us not lead
little lives

and after striving there
upon life’s high summit
through its depths
and painful dives
will we sit back
with memories
while only living
little lives?

let us learn to
forgive ourselves
for wasted moments
and misspent days
in spite of what life
conjures and contrives
and all the ways
we lead little lives

this miracle of
spinning atop
a sphere
near a sun
just a moment of life
even one on the run
an incomprehensible gift
reason never to squander

moving a poet
to muse and ponder
how we must live on!
whatever the universe
provides or connives
reason enough
for us to avoid
ever leading
little lives

© Copyright 2016 Brooks Bradbury / BrooksLooks / All Rights Reserved

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