BrooksLooks@ Gratitude’s Late Arrival



you’ll never know the price we paid
to get you where you are
you’ll never know what it took
to carry you along this far

so if your lack of gratitude
is some strange way of giving back
we’ll check the rear-view mirror
until your attitude’s on track

we will love you from a distance
as we have now all these years
in time you’ll learn life’s lessons
of pain and loss and tears

and when you finally know gratitude
for all that’s been done for you
may you know what real love means
before karmic bills comes due

farewell my child we let you go
it’s your life please–go ahead
may your dreams come sweetly true
in spite of all the horseshit you’ve been fed

© Copyright 2016 Brooks Bradbury / BrooksLooks / All Rights Reserved

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