BrooksLooks @ Redneck Strong


up to my ankles in horseshit
i’ve got bills piled up to my ears
truck payment’s due tomorrow
jest drank m’ last six beers
but i git along

the repo man’s got my number
he’s already heard my sad tune
guess i’ll pawn me somethin’ tomorrow
long as he gits paid by noon
redneck strong

i can find ‘seng in these hollers
them choppers cain’t find my weed
i can turn corn into dollars
on land i work ‘til I bleed
and keep comin’ back at ye’

so raise a glass
kiss m’ confederate ass
we’ll be the ones survivin’
strongest souls i ever know’d
lives right here and they’s thrivin’
in Appalachia

got a year o’ deer meat in m’ freezer
got a yard full o’ cut ‘n split wood
i got a whole war’s worth of ammo
my survivin’ skills ‘r damn good
on this land my forefathers stood
it’s here in these hollers i belong
here i can live, redneck strong

you might not like our point of view
best proceed at yer own peril
redneck nation still stands strong
y’ain’t got us over some barrel

we understand work and makin’ our pay
we know if we don’t
then we aint eatin’ that day
and i can fix anything
that don’t work
least i’ll damn well try

so best think about what it means
when you call someone that name
cuz we damn well earned it
you’ll never know what we overcame
redneck my ass, right back at ye’

seems we got a whole country
that’s hell bent on dyin’
smartest souls i ever know’d
lives right here and they’s thrivin’
in Appalachia

i’ll never let ’em git me
never let ’em come for my gun
just biding my time
git’n along just fine
we don’t call 911
here in these hollers
is where i belong
livin’ the dream
redneck strong

© Copyright 2015 Brooks Bradbury / BrooksLooks / All Rights Reserved

Redneck Hot Tub

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