BrooksLooks@ Innkeeper! Innkeeper!

innkeeper! innkeeper!
rent me a room!
find me a suite!
we’ll be there soon!

innkeeper! innkeeper!
can we check in at noon?
the best room you’ve got!
will our dreams come true?

innkeeper! innkeeper!
it’s all up to you!
we need a king bed!
and an ocean view too!

innkeeper! innkeeper!
we need a break!
you’re our only hope!
or how could we cope?
are you near a lake?
we need twelve extra towels!
and plenty of soap!

innkeeper! innkeeper!
we won’t ask for more!
1,200 count sheets?
oh, by the way i snore!

innkeeper! innkeeper!
when do YOU ever sleep?
is this all you do?
did you buy the inn cheap?

what a dream job you have!
to schmooze all day long!
and not do a thing!
hey, what could go wrong?

innkeeper! innkeeper!
if it’s not too much for you!
a morning wake up at 4!
and a late check-out too!

innkeeper! innkeeper!
thanks for a really great stay!
is this really my bill?
how could I ever pay?!
do you take trav’ler checks too?

innkeeper! innkeeper!
what a great room!
our stay was so sweet
we’ll be back again soon!

© Copyright 2014 Brooks Bradbury

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