BrooksLooks@ Hall of Fame Father

Brooks Bradbury

Our father who art in heaven
he went there straight away
you see three golfers were waiting
for one more soul to play

they decided on a format
no mulligans gimmies or ties
they all put in a dollar and agreed
to play it where it lies

God took out his one iron
and teed his ball up high
he drove it down the middle
“Good shot God,” quipped the new guy

Chuck couldn’t have been any calmer
as he put his ball in play
he crushed his drive 350 out
God said, “You’re still away.”

As they walked God turned to him,
“Chuck you’ve lead a model life.
Your faith has been rewarded,
by your family and your wife.

You were a tireless coach and teacher,
helping others on their way
you held a straight and steady course
I’m glad you finally came to play

You never over did it
You wasted neither words nor tears
you never gave up you soldiered on
A devoted father all these years

there was Briarcliff and Beacon
those Hudson River towns
Fort Lee Virginia and Canton New York
and moving’s ups and downs

Springville’s Griffith Institute
you loved those years there’s no dispute
I moved you on to Syracuse
in your time there you paid your dues

from city schools and racial rage
to Hamilton College and a bigger stage
that little country school at O.C.S.
it was all a lot I must confess

retirement in the land of pines
ended your New York state of mind
moments shared at Pinecrest High
your final football gift goodbye.”

Chuck said, “God it was quite a ride,
and as I take a final talley
I really enjoyed every challenge
even the Mohawk Valley.”

God said, “Thanks for that Chuck,
I put you where I needed you
in one continual test
sometimes I have to leave folks where they are and move around the rest

Chuck said, “God, I’m grateful.
and let me thank you first
for all the golf I played down there
from Orchard Park to Pinehurst.”

God then realized while he spoke
Chuck moved two strokes up
and on the 17th Chuck drilled a birdie putt
to the bottom of the cup

God said, “How about double or nothing Chuck?
It seems you’ve beaten me today
Chuck said, “Happy to make it interesting.
God, you’re still away.”

As they hit their drives on eighteen
Chuck walked in a magic glow
back at the top of his golf game again
friends and family missing him so

Heaven’s gained a rare Sportsman
A true Hall of Fame husband and dad
Now that he’s playing golf with God
we feel only a little less sad

We’ll join you in heaven one day Dad
free from earthly cares
until then you’ll remain in our thoughts Dad,
forever in our prayers

© COPYRIGHT 2014  Brooks Bradbury  ǀ  BROOKS LOOKS

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