BrooksLooks@ Turkey Creek Caldera


coronado rode right by here
though he didn’t have a clue
there was gold in chiricahua
and quite a lovely view

a sweet, secret chaparral
forged long ago in a fiery hell
violent forces and seismic shock
created a bucolic bowl of molten rock

now a tranquil, remote caldera
sacred home to apache and vaquero
where blood was spilled on rhyolite
chokonen ways lost in every fight

down through the ages
despite the wisdom of sages
human turmoil rages
on nature’s sweet stages

may the peace we find here remain in our souls
its golden silence ever consoles
and may this rare beauty endeavor
to go on like this
beyond forever

© 2014 Brooks Bradbury | BROOKS LOOKS (Written at Sunglow Ranch, Pearce, Arizona)

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