BrooksLooks @ Quasi Gray & Fuzzy

20190114_152514Quasi Gray and Fuzzy

life is quasi gray and fuzzy

while I hoped for more-finite

i’ve received my share of nebulous

while in search of black and white

perhaps approximate and nearly

is all we really get

instead of crystal clearly

and conditions somewhat met

doesn’t mean we give up trying

as the brass ring comes around

but to have a taste of everything

makes for life lived quite profound

would rather have a full slice of life

than to never know the breadth

but to know even just a little strife

provides dimension and rare depth

i’m getting kind of greyish too

my shoulders worn in slope

my days seem a whole lot more finite

as I’m learning how to cope

grey and dusky evenings

follow Arizona’s crystal days

perhaps the palette’s full of color

and all that really matters

is how we spin the platter

and where we focus our life’s gaze

© 2014 Brooks Bradbury | Brooks Looks

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