BrooksLooks @ The Crooked Road

20180204_175356THE CROOKED ROAD

if you’re a soul on the road less trod

people think you’re kind of odd

dancer to the different beat

of distant drums with footloose feet

in faraway places where trails are less traveled

modern trappings have all unraveled

unknown beauty in pristine places

of country folk and simple graces

stallions and canyons and pure fresh air

common sense is common there

days arrive in bright sunrises

and Mother Nature still surprises

we came to where there’s so much less

found plenty more and nonetheless

way out yonder in the wild west

are many ways to feel truly blessed

i wouldn’t change this crooked road

the sights we’ve seen nor the souls we’ve known

though moving around this much in life

is much too often if you ask my wife

we think about all the places we’ve been

a tapestry of time–and now and then

we imagine home–a humble space

to be enjoyed in a beautiful place

with much to ponder and recollect

perhaps there’s time we can reflect

that the best is really yet to be

though all the rest was fine with me

Copyright © 2013 Brooks Bradbury | Brooks Looks

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