BrooksLooks@ Why My Beloved Country?

WHY MY BELOVED COUNTRY?20190114_153943

another mass shooting
one more tragic day
another lost soul
shocked lost grieving
the rest of us pray

the media drill
rolls out the same way
who did the shooting?
what was his name?
who died and was injured?
are his parents to blame?
what were his motives?

a shrine grows
on hallowed ground
flowers are laid
between flickering votives
symbols of each light lost
at a profoundly steep cost

the soul of our nation
is now firmly at stake
there is a battle ahead
national ideals at stake

why my beloved country
have we not resolved
the issue of guns
have our leaders dissolved
why my beloved country
with tears pouring out
from so many eyes
are guns more precious
than our own children’s lives?

too little action
too many lies
through rivers of blood
anxious and anguished
our great nation cries
we can’t hold back
the flood of tears
in American eyes

© Brooks Bradbury 2013 | BrookLooks

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