BrooksLooks@ Native Son

Native Son 
November 2013   
the generation after the greatest one 
grew up as proud daughter and son 
heir to their own brave new world 
in a new time their lives unfurled   
fresh challenges and future shock 
nuclear ticks on a doomsday clock 
mindful of the price once paid 
for freedom earned with blood in trade 
perplexed at today’s reality  
perhaps the greatest regret what they have done
in this tear-it-down mentality 
what are the feelings felt by its native son? 
still these are the days 
of a future gratefully sought 
do the greatest ones regret
what they have wrought?  
pachyderm rule over a herd of red asses 
vigilant guardians of a racist view 
native sons shocked at what passes
democracy led askew 
they have endured the age’s new ways
techno gifts of a digital dawn
old minds turn negative and stiff 
wherever has ‘what’s right’ gone? 

© 2013 Brooks Bradbury / Innspired Hospitality

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