BrooksLooks @ Maple Road

maple road briarcliff manor (2) bbMaple Road

Brooks Bradbury (1973)

There was a home that held all I wanted

A girl, two sons, one very human dog

I wonder if that house is ever haunted

By the great love I gave that catalogue

If a high heat my absent heart still throws there

Be fixed and focused by Time’s burning glass

A gentle fragrance should forever blow there

And flowers sparkle gaily in the grass

There is no need for flame or warmth of fire

No rosy hearth to cheer or snuggle by

There burns the sum of all my soul’s desire-

It was and is and will be till I die!

(An excerpt from the anthology “Backlash”, published by my grandfather, Brooks Bradbury, Copyright 1982, Southbury, Connecticut. Maple Road, in Pleasantville, New York.)



  1. My Father in Law and Mother in Law loved that home as did teir Son Chuck, my dear husband…fond, fond memories.


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